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Your pet must have a current heartworm test result on file with Pet Shot Express in order to be approved for heartworm medication. Please visitone of our clinics to have this test performed annually to protect your pet. Tri-Heart Plus is an easy-to-feed chewable tablet prescribed to help keep your dog free of heartworm and other dangerous parasites. When given monthly, this simple and palatable tablet helps to protect your pet by killing the larvae before they reach your dog's heart. Best of all, the tasty tablets can be fed just like a treat! Your pet won't even know you're working to protect their heart.



Tri-Heart Plus is a monthly chew indicated to kill heartworm larvae and to control/treat adult hookworms and roundworms.


Possible Side Effects

Tri-Heart Plus is safe and has caused no side-effects in most dogs, but upset stomachs have been reported. Incoordination, convulsions, or drooling have also been reported rarely. Always contact your veterinarian if your pet appears sick or behaves strangely after taking Tri-Heart Plus.


Drug & Food Interactions

Talk to your veterinarian about any other drugs your dog is taking before starting Tri-Heart Plus.



All dogs should be tested for existing heartworm infection before starting treatment with Tri-Heart Plus, which is not effective against adult D. immitis. Infected dogs must be treated to remove adult heartworms and microfilariae before initiating a program. Tri-Heart Plus is not indicated for dogs younger than 6 weeks old. Herding breeds (such as Collies) can be sensitive to the active ingredient, so talk to your veterinarian if your dog may be affected. If you miss a dose, your dog needs a blood test to resume your normal doses safely. Notify your veterinarian if you've skipped a dose or have any concerns. Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children.


Recommended Dosage

1 chew

Dosage Chart

Color on BoxWeight RangeStrengthDosageRx
BLUEUp to 25 lbs

68 mcg Ivermectin & 57 mg Pyrantel

Administer orally once a


GREEN26-50 lbs

136 mcg Ivermectin &

114 mg Pyrantel

Administer orally once a


BROWN51-100 lbs

272 mcg Ivermectin &

227 mg Pyrantel

Administer orally once a



Storage Instructions

Store at controlled room temperature of 59° - 86°F. Protect product from light.

Tri-Heart Plus

  • This item can not be returned or refunded. All of our medication is purchased directly from the manufacturer, you are eligible for a 100% manufacturer guarantee.

  • Most prescriptions are delivered within 5-10 days.

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